Indian Roller Press overview

Our business has launched sophisticated roller press technologies from abroad and combined it with all the particular industrial and mining conditions in China. With our exceptional total equipment and manufacturing approach, our company has successfully developed and manufactured a roller press that is appropriate for crushing approaches and uncooked supplies conditions home and overseas. On account of the efforts we have created to additional study the process system and strengthen the reliability of most important motor, the running rate of roller press system has occur to the degree of ball mill process. The mature roller press technologies has injected new vitality towards the grinding method.

Indian Roller Press Application

The DSRP roller press gear is for grinding fragile materials. It is actually utilized for grinding cement clinker, granulated blast furnace slag, uncooked materials for cement (liSBMne, sandstone, shale, and so on.), quartz sand, iron stone, and so on. The roller press can substitute the ball mill pre-grinding process that has high power usage and lower efficiency. It can also decrease metal usage and sounds. The roller press is pretty suitable for new factory construction and outdated factory technological transformation. It can enable the ball mill program to raise generate by 50~110%. Amongst the materials following extrusion, 20~35% have discharging granularity less than 0.08mm and 65~85% less than 2mm.

Indian Roller Press Features

1. The roller press can bring exceptional materials extrusion outcomes with significant amounts of fine powder.

2. Advanced welding technologies permits the roller press to possess a provider existence of over 8000 hours.

3. Forged with extrusion roller alloy metal like a whole, it has high loading capability and trustworthy overall performance.

4. Designed using a special bearing construction, built-in with 4 lines of cylinder roller bearing and thrust bearing.

5. Safe and delicate hydraulic method is capabilities reliably and is convenient to keep.

6. The roller press is created with Siemens PLC center complete automatic manage method.

7. Motor-driven feeding method is flexible and easy to generate and run.

8. Versatile crossing shaft torsion help has superior adjusting performance.

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